About us

CTDCO., formerly Ceramic Transducer Design Co., Ltd, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of piezoelectric transducer and ultrasonic sensor to domestic and international companies. Since its establishment in 1990,it have pursued research and development the elements only in Taiwan. The first decade of CTDCO, we make the high quality and compact ultrasonic sensors. The second decade of CTDCO, we are specialized on piezoelectric ceramic element and transducers. In the third decade of CTDCO, we integrate our piezoelectric transducer and ultrasonic sensor with chip company(like TI) to their systems. The position of CTDCO is make the component only. We don't offer the finished product in the market. CTDCO is a flat organization, it can adjust the lead time and specification by customers quickly. The company we have served are include NASA, Siemens, LEGO TOY, ASUS, Panasonic, Samsung, TI…etc. Welcome to OEM and ODM of the ultrasonic sensor and piezoelectric transducer.
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E-mail: ctdpzt@gmail.com
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